Sunday, January 12, 2014

Fiola and Fearn

Here is a doll i made last summer. She wasn't always a conjoined twin. I made the two heads separately and decided they must be one! I used paperclay, and some tin foil and paper towel cardboard for support.

Then comes the fun part! Here is the stuff I got at Jo-Ann Fabrics to finish her with. There is some pretty tulle-like fabric, some annoying stretchy fabric, and a nice greenish printed fabric. I used yarn for the hair, and some beads to help make the hair look dread-lock-like.
 Here she is pre-paint, sitting upon my desk of wonders. (I need a bigger, messier desk) I used this glue called E-600 to attach some of the clothes and the hair. There is a little bit of stitching in the clothes, but I'm not a stitchy type of person, so they are mostly glued on.
Here is the completed doll! I painted her using watercolors, which is one reason I enjoy Paperclay so much. She doesn't have any joints, so she sits nicely on a shelf. She currently resides on my herb 'n oil cozy.
 This is just another picture of the finished doll, she's decent sized. She leaves a lot to be desired, If I were to do her over, i think i would spend more time on the hands and feet, make her jointed and smooth out the paperclay (with that dremmel I don't have yet haha!)
So there. Interesting or not, you just read it. I want to take more pictures of my process next time, and get a dremmel... as well as just making these things prettier.


Dust Bunnies.

Well, I guess it's that time of year again... when I think, "Oooh, I'll try this blogging thing again, and keep up with it this time, and yeah, it'll be awesome." Guess what? It's dirty and dusty in here, but I am going to try and clean it off again, and see what blogging is about. Again.

So yeah, I suppose being stuck in a New Hampshire winter and having pneumonia will do this to your brain. Bravo!

(Is scanning brain for anything else to say)

Yeah, I guess that's why I'm not too good at this!

But I can get better...

The question is, Will I??